Our Vision

The vision of North West Simon Community is that Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo are places where all individuals and families have the appropriate support to access a home of their own and the supports necessary to sustain their home.

Our Mission

To develop and facilitate services to respond to the individual needs of persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. To advocate, educate and campaign for each person’s right to an appropriate home of their own and the services necessary to support this.

Our Values

– Person Centred: People are at the core of our services and our focus is on responding to their needs. We respect the dignity of the people who avail of our services and will empower them to participate in the decision-making processes which affect them by building their confidence and self-esteem.

– Justice and Equality: We work to actively promote the human rights of individuals and their right to participate in society.

– Voluntarism: Persons who voluntarily give of their time and resources are an important and valued part of our organisation and are treated with respect and dignity

– Empowerment: We respect the independence and autonomy of the people who access our services and work to strengthen and empower them in their choices.

– Partnership: Our principle partners are the people to whom we provide services. In addition, we work to establish and maintain collaborative partnerships with other organisations in the statutory and voluntary sectors and with the other members of the Simon Communities of Ireland.

– Accountability: We conduct our business in an ethical, democratic and fair way. We measure our performance against defined milestones where the emphasis is on achieving positive outcomes for the people to whom we provide services.

– Quality: We are committed to the highest possible standard of provision in our services and all our activities. We are accountable to the people who access our services, to our staff and volunteers and to our statutory and individual donors.

Preventing and Resolving Homelessness