Rob’s story

For many people, Christmas is all about coming home but for Rob. At just 20 years old, due to difficulties in the family, Rob had to leave the home house and ended up homeless in December, just at the point where so many families try to come together.

In Leitrim where Rob lives, he didn’t want to sleep in a cold disused building. Rob didn’t break the law or trespass. He just wanted a dry, safe place to sleep – Rob said “It’s really tough, every night asking someone if they can give you a place to stay. It’s a constant worry and it’s embarrassing”.
Thankfully Rob heard about North West Simon and decided to get in touch. With support from our Outreach team his situation began to improve. Rising Rents and limited supply meant finding stable accommodation for Rob seemed an impossible task. But together we persisted. We helped Rob get on the housing list and supported him while he got onto a local training scheme. Rob was determined to build a better future for himself. Right now, more and more people are facing another Christmas with no place to call home.





Simon Community have now been fighting homelessness in Ireland for 50 years

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