1. Service Delivery

We will continue to anticipate, adapt, and improve services so that we can respond proactively to the emerging and changing needs of the people who require our services and the environment in which we operate. To achieve this objective we will:

  1. Develop a fully documented model of Early Intervention and Homeless Preventative Service to address the support needs of people at risk of homelessness in the region.
  2. Establish a network of Housing Advice and Information Clinics across the region, and monitor opportunities for the development of additional services which are compatible with the mission of the organisation.
  3. Ensure the welfare of our tenants by managing our social housing in line with current best practice as defined by the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority.
  4. Promote partnership working with other voluntary and statutory agencies through the North West Joint Homeless Consultative Forum, local Homeless Action Teams, and in other partnerships and collaborative arrangements whenever possible.

2. Governance

We will develop the organisational capacity of North West Simon Community to ensure compliance with our regulatory requirements as an Approved Housing Body, Registered Charity, and Limited Company. To achieve this objective we will:

  1. Maintain an effective, active, and informed Board of Directors capable of meeting all governance responsibilities.
  2. Ensure our Vision, Mission, and Values, are clear and that we can explain in simple terms to anyone who asks, how we achieve these objectives on an ongoing basis.
  3. Develop and regularly review our strategic plan and associated operational plans.
  4. Ensure appropriate controls are in place to manage all risks and account for all money and other assets obtained for the achievement of our Vision and Mission and Values.
  5. Promote a supportive and positive work environment which values our workforce and maximises the benefit obtained from the input of all employees and volunteers.

3. Development and Fundraising

We will continuously seek to broaden and develop awareness of the work of North West Simon Community to increase the level of public support and funding available for services. To achieve this objective we will:

  1. Build awareness and effect change through campaigning for appropriate policy responses to the current issues contributing to homelessness and housing exclusion, in conjunction with our fellow members of the Simon Communities of Ireland.
  2. Ensure all fundraising activity is carried out in accordance with Charity Regulator’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public.
  3. Regularly review all fundraising activities to ensure we maximise the level of resources available to fulfil North West Simon Community’s Vision and Mission and Values.
  4. Establish “Friends of North West Simon Community” as a region-wide network of supporters who promote and support the development of our model of service delivery, by increasing awareness in local communities and joining our fundraising and campaigning activities to the fullest extent possible.

4. Finance

We will seek to broaden and diversify our funding base to ensure the necessary financial resources are in place to support the provision of services, to successfully implement the strategic plan,  respond to the economic situation of the day, and ensure the organisation and its services are available for as long as they are required by people at risk or experiencing homelessness. To achieve this objective we will:

  1. Develop collaborative working relationships with Grant making, Philanthropic, and Corporate partners, who may support our work.
  2. Continue to implement and improve our financial control and accounting processes in line with legal requirements and to maintain accountability at the highest level.
  3. Implement a long-term human resource plan to support our employees, and promote their development and advancement within the organisation or beyond
  4. Implement a long-term infrastructure and property management plan to ensure safe living and working envornments for all, service users, employees, volunteers and others.

Preventing and Resolving Homelessness