1. Service Delivery

Continue to provide quality client-centred services
1. Increase the numbers receiving Tenancy Sustainment Services.
2. Tender for any services which are compatible with the mission of the organisation.
3. Work in partnership with other voluntary and statutory agencies
4. Review all housing policies and procedures.
Continue to anticipate, adapt and improve services so that we can respond proactively to the emerging and changing needs of the people who need and use our services and the environment in which we operate.

2. Governance

Develop the organisational capacity of North West Simon
1. Promote a supportive and positive work environment based on best practice models
2. Review internal roles and responsibilities to improve service delivery
3. Review all employment policies and procedures and ensure that all staff are familiar with them and trained in their implementation.
4. Review and update all Service Delivery Policies and Procedures and ensure that all staff and volunteers are familiar with them and trained in their implementation.
Invest in our capacity to facilitate organisational growth and development over the long term in order to achieve our strategic objectives in a clear and transparent manner.

3. Development and Fundraising

Broaden and develop awareness and funding for North West Simon
1. Review fundraising activities to enable an increase in the amount of funding available to the organisation
2. Recruit and retain a range of skilled volunteers and provide them with the appropriate levels of training, supervision, support and encouragement
3. Continue to build an effective, active and informed Board of Directors which will continue to meet all governance responsibilities
Build awareness and effect change by campaigning and education on the issues surrounding homelessness and its causes. Maintain and develop collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders and partners.

4. Finance

Ensure the long-term suitability of the Organisation and its structures
1. Develop our ability to access grant aid.
2. Continue to implement and improve financial reporting processes in line with legal requirements and maintain accountability at the highest level.
3. Implement a long-term human resource plan
4. Implement a long-term infrastructure and property plan.
Broaden and diversify our funding base to ensure the necessary financial resources are in place to support the provision of services, to successfully implement the strategic plan and respond to the economic situation of the day.

Preventing and Resolving Homelessness