How We’re Governed

North West Simon Community is established under a constitution which defines the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its constitution and managed by a board of directors. All income is applied solely towards the promotion of the charitable objectives of the company.

We have a total of 8 non-executive directors who bring to the Board’s deliberations, the experience they have gained in their professional lives, and apply it to the decision required.

The board of directors meet on a bi-monthly basis and are responsible for the strategic direction of the charity. There is clear division of responsibility with the board retaining control of major decisions under a formal schedule of matters reserved to the board for decision.

In 2018, the company continued to operate an existing Memorandum of Understanding which provided for the provision of senior management support by Galway Simon Community. The day to day operation of Galway Simon Community is undertaken by the CEO and a Senior Management Team. This team comprises a Head of Client Services, Financial Controller, Human Resource Manager and a Fundraising Manager.

In April 2019, a new General Manager was appointed to North West Simon, to support the staff in carrying out their functions and is the lead contact with the Galway Simon Community Management Team.


As a company limited by guarantee, a homeless service provider, a registered charity, and an approved housing body, North West Simon Community must ensure compliance with a wide range of legislation, regulatory codes and standards each year.

The principal reporting requirements are contained in:

  • Company Law
  • The National Quality Standards Framework for Homeless Services in Ireland (NQSF) from the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government
  • The Charities Governance Code published by the Charities Regulator
  • The Governance, Housing Performance, and Financial, standards, for Approved Housing Bodies published by the Housing Regulator
    In compliance with Company Law, a Financial Statement is prepared by an independent Auditor which contains a summary of the services delivered and any other significant developments that have occurred during the financial year. North West Simon Community’s Financial Statements for the past six years are provided here:

Evidence of compliance with the NQSF is provided to local authorities on the basis of any service level agreements in place. Ongoing compliance with the Charities Governance Code, and the codes and standards of the Housing Regulator are published on the respective Regulators Websites which can be accessed here:


North West Simon Community is committed to fulfilling the Governance Principles set out by the Charities Regulator, which in summary are:

  • Principle 1 Advancing Our Organisations Purpose
  • Principle 2 Behaving with Integrity
  • Principle 3 Leading People
  • Principle 4 Exercising Control
  • Principle 5 Working Effectively
  • Principle 6 Being Accountable and Transparent

For further detail on the Charity Governance Code, click here.

We are signed up to the Housing Agency’s Voluntary Regulation Code (VRC), view the register here.

Our board of directors give their time on a voluntary basis and they are not compensated with pay.

They hold meetings regularly and their job is to scrutinise everything we do.

Meet Our Board

For more information about our fundraising practices, download our documents below:

Public Compliance Statement
Donor Charter
Compliant Policy

Our Annual and Financial reporting

  • Our financial accounts are independently audited every year
  • Our accounts are SORP (FRS 102) compliant
  • We continually monitor the impact of our work and its impact on the people we work with
  • We ensure regular communication and reporting