Friends of North West Simon Community

As an organisation that relies on public donations to maintain our services, establishing the “Friends of North West Simon Community” as a region-wide network of supporters is identified as a key objective in our Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

Our hope is that the Friends of North West Simon Community will promote awareness of how we help prevent and resolve homelessness and help increase support for our day-to-day work in Donegal, Leitrim, and Sligo.

We hope this group will:

  • increase awareness of homelessness and our preventative work in local communities
  • promote and support the development of our model of service delivery
  • campaign for adequate statutory funding to ensure services are available to all who need them
  • organise and/or join our fundraising to the fullest extent possible.

We would like to send you updates about our work to end homelessness, and fundraising activities, and hope you will be available to help with fundraising events.

Your details are safe with us. We will never share your details with other organisations to use for their own purpose. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy or contact us on 071 9147522.

To be included as a Friend of North West Simon Community please email your local Fundraising Development Officer and tell us confirm how you would like to be contacted. You will find the contact details for our fundraising team here:


Event Volunteer

Our event volunteers support us for once off and annual fundraising events that we hold. Responsibilities are varied depending on the event and can include stewarding, ticketing, hospitality and much more.

Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering refers to volunteers undertaking voluntary tasks completed in whole or in part over the Internet. It is also known as online volunteering, cyber service, online mentoring and teletutoring.

Recent developments in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has opened up many new possibilities for this type of volunteering. This in turn allows organisations like North West Simon Community to involve more volunteers and thus achieve more of its aims. This type of volunteering is not a replacement for face-to-face volunteering. Examples of virtual volunteering roles are graphic design, social media, website support and email support.

Designing North West Simon’s newsletter or brochure, Designing a logo for a virtual fundraiser, assisting with virtual events like The Regional Tea Day (by Zoom) Dip & Donate, The Annual Sleep Out, Christmas Jumper Day etc..

Volunteer Testimonial

“I received an email regarding a new charity shop in Sligo who are looking for volunteers. At first, I was a bit hesitant to put myself forward as I was not sure if I could commit to the role and focus at the same time on my coursework and other college activities that I was involved in. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself anyway.

I started off doing 2-4 hours a week after my lectures, depending on how much free time I had. Eventually, there were days where I found myself staying for another hour or two just because I enjoy volunteering there. I enjoy working with people who are always full of energy and chat. I also enjoy the interesting news and stories that customers, both the locals and tourists, bring into the shop with them. It is always nice to hear how people are getting on, hearing about their plans for the holidays etc. I found myself to be more committed than I first expected, and I even organised a successful “Pop-up Shop” recently in my college, IT Sligo.

I have been a volunteer for 6 months now and it is very rewarding to see that for a few hours a week, I am doing something that is beneficial to both myself and the community that I am a part of. I encourage everyone who has a few hours to spare, to volunteer or help out in their community, in their own little ways”.

Anna Pauline Minguez, 19, Student, Coolaney, Co. Sligo.

Preventing and Resolving Homelessness