Emer’s story

North West Simon Community were contacted by Child Protection Services regarding an 8 year-old girl called Emer and her family. Emer, her mother and partner, were living with their grandmother in overcrowded conditions, which inevitably causes tensions for everyone. Emer had to travel over an hour to school each day, had lost confidence and became withdrawn as a result of her unstable home environment. This child’s life was in turmoil. This is the kind of hidden homeless that North West Simon Community are dealing with on a daily basis. The family had little understanding of the support and benefits that are available in their situation or how to access them. With support from the North West Simon Community Tenancy Support Officer, Emer and her family now have a new home.

North West Simon Community helped guide Emer and her family through the complex application process to secure housing assistance payment (HAP) and other supports. Emer has moved to a new school and is now growing in confidence and doing really well thanks to North West Simon.





Simon Community have now been fighting homelessness in Ireland for 50 years

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