Aoife and Sarah’s Story


How we helped to End Homelessness for Aoife and Sarah How we helped Aoife and Sarah Aoife contacted North West Simon Community after months of trying to find a home for herself and Sarah. Here Aoife describes some of the challenges she faced and the support provided by Lorna, our Housing Information and Tenancy [...]

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James’s Story


James’s story James in many ways typified the stereotypical homeless man, who lost everything to gambling and substance abuse. He describes here the efforts of his key worker Aileen to help him get his life sorted.I was in a, basically a hostel, part funded by the council. B&B vouchers stuff like that. I was basically [...]

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Rob’s Story


Rob’s story For many people, Christmas is all about coming home but for Rob. At just 20 years old, due to difficulties in the family, Rob had to leave the home house and ended up homeless in December, just at the point where so many families try to come together. In Leitrim where Rob [...]

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Joe’s Story


Joe’s story After Joe lost his job and had to leave his house as he couldn’t pay the rent, he turned to North West Simon for support. Joe’s mother had recently passed away, he was feeling depressed and wasn’t able to cope alone. Joe said when he contacted North West Simon Community he was [...]

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Emer’s Story


Emer’s story North West Simon Community were contacted by Child Protection Services regarding an 8 year-old girl called Emer and her family. Emer, her mother and partner, were living with their grandmother in overcrowded conditions, which inevitably causes tensions for everyone. Emer had to travel over an hour to school each day, had lost [...]

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Patricia’s Story


Patricia’s story Patricia turned to North West Simon Community in Sligo when her finances became chaotic. She was in rent arrears with her landlord and as a result of the stress had a breakdown. Her cheerful façade masked a deep inner pain. A North West Simon Outreach Worker helped Patricia see a way forward. [...]

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